Bordentown Therapeutic Massage & Pain Management

Bordentown Therapeutic Massage & Pain Management


Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


Discounts available to repeat customers

Weekly 55 Minute Session Package $60 ($100 Savings)

Bi- Weekly 55 Minute Session $70 ($30 Savings)


Signature Swedish Spa Packages

Buy 3 Massages for $180 $60hr Massage)

Buy 6 Massages for $270  ($45hr Massage)


Therapeutic  Swedish Massage

Relaxation Massage, using light to medium pressure

$75/55 Minute Session

$55/30 Minute Session

$110/90 Minute Session

Senior Swedish

$55/55 Minute Session


Deep Tissue Massage

Medium to heavy pressure, delivered at your request to inner layers of tissue to relieve muscle tension and ease overworked joints.

$80/55 Minute Session


Prenatal Massage

$65/45 Minute Session


Target  (Neck, Back & shoulders) Massage 

$55/30 Minute Session


Peppermint Foot Massage

$45/30 minute session


Rates do not include NJ 6.875% Sales Tax

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